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Complete a Pilates Style workout session at home with ease!

A versatile tool which is ideal for completing numerous movements from your very own home. The FitLab speak very highly of this gym piece as it involves resistance from either end of the stick and allows you to work full body as well as individual muscles. 

We could sit here and talk about the science behind it but who needs to hear that.. All we will say is that our personal trainers recommended all their clients to get one of these and some even use it them selves. 

Some features:

•  2 Resistance built in elastics

•  Strong and durable

•  Comfortable and easy to grip

•  Perform full body workouts!

Targeting multiple Body parts!

It Targets Multiple Body Parts

Portable and easy to use!

The Pilates bar allows you to take it with you anywhere you go through an easy disassemble.. How goods that??

Probably the best part..

Once you purchase, We'll send you a full workout program free of charge to use from your very own home. 

And Full money back Guarantee if the product didn't suit your needs and you wish to return. 

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